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It does not matter what political party people are from," Carroll said."Second, we believe that this is a good deal for both my client and the people of the state of Iowa. It has been a four-year slog and she needs to have this done.The people of the State of Iowa are saving a substantial amount of money because of this settlement," Carroll said.

Anderson was told one week before her firing that she was on thin ice in a meeting with her supervisors, who had been concerned for months about the quality of the caucus' weekly newsletter that Anderson wrote, according to court documents filed by state lawyers defending the case. Pam Jochum, D-Dubuque, who served as Iowa Senate president during the 2013 through the 2016 legislative sessions, praised Anderson Thursday for having the courage to file the lawsuit.In handing down the verdict, jurors concluded that the Senate Republican caucus and the state violated Iowa laws preventing workplace harassment, discrimination and retaliation in dealing with the complaints Anderson brought forward.The jury had sat through a week-long trial in which Anderson and former co-workers testified about a "locker room" environment where women endured, among other things, taunts and quips about their sex lives.However, Jochum said she is still bothered about whether Iowa taxpayers should be held financially responsible for what she considers to be the bad behavior of a handful of Republican senators and some of the GOP caucus staff."I would hope that Sen.Dix would think long and hard about maybe getting out there and raising some of the funds to repay the taxpayer," Jochum said.

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