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The disturbances there weren’t a protest against police brutality.

A few hooligans figured the police would be so busy down the road in Tottenham that it was the perfect opportunity to rob the local Vodafone dealer.

At the time of the Broadwater Farm riots, there were copycat incidents, too.

I remember driving past a skirmish outside Huckleberry’s hamburger bar opposite Turnpike Lane Tube station, which was later labelled the ‘Wood Green riot’.

But it had nothing on this latest burning and looting.

We used to joke: Red sky at night, Tottenham’s alight. The titans of Broadwater Farm — Barmy Bernie Grant, Dolly Kiffin et al — have either died or are but a distant memory.

Some of the survivors of the Great Ikea Riot were almost certainly filling their boots on Tottenham High Road and at nearby Wood Green Shopping City, where thieves formed orderly queues to ‘liberate’ everything from flat-screen TVs to trainers.

According to a report from the University of North Texas, the bones are historical and archeological, suggesting they are more than 99 years old.

Just as some of those who took part in the Great Ikea Riot had come from as far afield as Birmingham, so agitators and opportunists from all over London and beyond flocked to Tottenham and surrounding suburbs at the weekend.

Rioters were alerted to the potential for violence against the police via anti-social network messages from some of the leading lights in the Stop The Cuts mayhem in Central London earlier this year — including wheelchair warrior Jody Mc Intyre, who tweeted to his 9,000 followers: ‘Be inspired by the scenes in #tottenham and rise up in your neighbourhood = the way we can beat the feds.’Millions of pounds have been pumped into inner city estates in the wake of the disturbances of the early to mid 1980s, not just in Tottenham, but also Brixton and other notorious concrete jungles across London.

Speed Skating Canada has not provided a reason for the investigation.

The CBC reports that before working with the Canadian team, Crowe coached the ...

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Ikea admitted that it was probably a mistake to offer such low introductory prices and to open the warehouse at midnight.

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