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"Recurring season(s)" identifies a season in which an actor or actress appeared, but received guest star or special guest star billing.Richard Alpert is the seemingly ageless advisor to the leader of The Others.The Man in Black attempted to trick him into killing Jacob, but Richard was instead recruited by Jacob as an advisor. Richard has since acted as advisor to the many leaders of the Others, including Ben Linus and Charles Widmore.At the end of the series he is once again able to age and leaves the Island on the Ajira Flight.She develops a relationship with Goodwin, who is killed by Ana Lucia, and Juliet blames Ben.Ben is in love with her and refuses to let her leave the island - and he orchestrated Goodwin's death out of jealousy.

Before Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter that would have brought him to safety with her, Sawyer whispered something in Kate's ear, which she will not reveal to Jack.His jealousy becomes the demise of their relationship.She resists returning to the island, but eventually decides that she will.The producers enjoyed Monaghan's performance and changed the character of Charlie, originally a middle-aged former rock star, to fit him.Jorge Garcia also auditioned for Sawyer, and the part of Hurley was written for him.

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She mortally wounds the Man in Black during his fight with Jack and leaves the Island with Sawyer and Claire on the Ajira Flight at the end of the series.

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