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Drawing over 100, 000 people to our little sea-side city, Halifax Pride is the largest LGBTQ festival in Atlantic Canada.While Halifax Pride is not immune from the corporate sponsorship or controversy that has plagued big city celebrations, our Pride has managed to maintain some of the small-town Pride charm that larger cities may lack.Put on your high waisted denim cuts offs and plaid and bike (essential North End accessory) down to Gus’s for copious amounts of beer, punk shows and It Felt Like a Kiss (monthly dance party featuring “motown, doowop, sweet sweet soul” and plenty-o-queers).Company House Retro Night The Company House retro night is not a retro night in the wear-leg-warmers-and-matching-sweat-band-to-the-bar sense; it’s really just an excuse to belt out “I just wanna feel the heat with some body” in a room full of sweaty homos.There’s a joke in Halifax that there are two-and-a-half gay bars in the city; the Company House is the half, and it’s where you’ll find your lesbians.The Company House is technically a live music venue and is a great place to catch intimate music, comedy or poetry show (featuring a slew of queer women performers).As Halifax is the biggest city in the Maritimes region of Canada, lots of queers from across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI make the pilgrimage to our seaside city.

Walk or bus to Michael’s for artsy, hipster-y North Enders, live music and Sunday and Wednesday Karaoke (one of the best in Hali) with the fanny-pack sporting Lori the Guy.The D and T March is part protest and part dance party; featuring homemade banners and placards, speeches by rad local queer and trans folks, a bumpin’ playlist and shit tons of denim and glitter.The main attraction, the Halifax Pride Parade gays up Halifax’s main streets (Barrington and Spring Garden) on the last Saturday of Pride.” Guerilla Gayfare is a bunch of queers and allies who take over a bar that’s usually full of heteros one Friday a month.Each takeover attendees wear the same colour or adhere to a dress code such as floral and short shorts.

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