Dilbert on dating and marriage

Along with his cynical and under-motivated co-workers, he labors fruitlessly under the bone-headed leadership of the Pointy-Haired Boss. Occasionally Dogbert, Dilbert's super-intelligent dog, gets Dilbert caught up in another wild money-making scheme, to Dilbert's regret. He writes in a satirical, often sarcastic, way about the social and mental landscape of white-collar workers in modern business corporations.

I hear whispers that these sorts of arrangements are already happening, but because non-monogamy is shamed, you don’t hear much about it.

In his active, fertile, writer's imagination, we ... Misguided FBI agents and a manipulated mad doctor stand in their way, but Jim finds allies.

See full summary » A divorced father, he has custody of his 23-year-old slacker son Ben, who dreams of wealth and freedom but is too lazy to find a real job. Dilbert is a cubicle dwelling employee for a large soulless corporation.

It is terrible for the kids, terrible for finances, good for lawyers, bad for employers, etc.... I’ll give you a solution in one word: diversification.

And those people typically remarry and either divorce again or, all too often, live unhappily ever after. Unfortunately, in 2015, marriage is probably the best system we have for raising kids. In marriage, if something bad happens to one person, or one person becomes a jerk, the system breaks.

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It was about workaholic Dilbert and his life in his cubicle.

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