Updating netbeans

For the user, installing updates must be as simple and intuitive as possible.

To that end, the Net Beans Platform in conjunction with the Plugin Manager provides an Auto Update service.

To submit your comments or suggestions about the JDK software, please send email to the Open JDK Governance Board.

Beyond that, users are able to manually install downloaded updates or new modules via the Plugin Manager. Yesterday I checked Netbeans new version and got 7.1.2 version.Then I want to update Netbeans to version 7.1.2, but Netbeans doesn't auto detect previous version and remove it before install. How to install Netbeans new version with remove previous version and keep projects data?If you have an existing installation of Net Beans IDE you can choose whether or not to import the user settings from the existing user directory when you run Net Beans IDE 7.1.1 for the first time.Note: Incremental version upgrades of the IDE cannot be performed at this time.

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Note: This installer does not displace the system version of the Java platform that is supplied by the operating system.

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