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They were simply a tool to create some positive momentum in our life and break some bad habits.7. When you fast, your body has little option but to use stored body fat for energy. If you hired me to get you ready for a photo shoot or absolutely shredded, there is a 110% chance we will not use intermittent fasting – assuming we have enough time to meet your deadline.The question you must ask is this: “If I can achieve the caloric deficit necessary to lose fat without fasting, why should I fast?! I would prefer to taper your calories down gradually without any extreme caloric drops that will compromise training intensity, considering you need fuel to maximize performance in your workout.Rather than something we’re forced to endure – a result of poor food availability or cultural expectations – IF is becoming something that health and physique-oriented people are seeking out in order to keep their bodies in top shape.However, current research is showing that some of these benefits may only be realized after longer periods of fasting – around 20-24 hours, depending on your activity levels.If it was possible to “damage” your metabolism, I don’t think I would have achieved 5% body fat in the first picture above because I have done some crazy things with my diet. After a fast day, you’ll feel mentally tougher and confident to stick to your diet.

Since we all fast every single day for 12 hours (if your last meal is at 8pm and your next meal is at 8am). You eat for 12 hours a day and fast for 12 hours a day.The feeling of self confidence and achievement about yourself can set the tone for another day of clean eating.Fasting is a powerful experience makings you mentally tougher to sticking with your diet.article, I do not have any emotional attachment to intermittent fasting and I’m not attempting to argue for or against the benefits of IF.I admit that it can be a very effective approach for solving a number of health and body composition related problems.

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