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The main tasks for the convertibles team include valuing convertible bonds, creating convertible bond term sheets, and then creating payoff diagrams or schedules for investors.Here’s a representative sample of other products being pitched.A: As long as you’re advising clients on raising capital, it’s investment banking.

A: I started as a generalist in the Analyst pool and was eventually placed into the Equity Capital Markets group.The “grunt work” consists of looking up stock ownership and analyzing the buying and selling history of stocks.The convertibles team is significantly more technical because you’re working with derivatives and you need to develop valuations of convertibles and produce derivative structures suitable for the client.Equity originators typically interact with the sales force and are focused more on the story of the deal (ex: use of proceeds).A Day in the Life Q: So what do you actually do in Equity Capital Markets? A: First, note that working in equity origination is different from covering convertible offerings.

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There are a couple of ways to value convertible bonds.

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