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The Clear Poll concept is centered on the fact that many times today the media manipulates and misrepresents public opinion recorded through polls in a bid to get it to suit its own interests or those of other parties involved.

This is at times done in order to support specific agendas or to create sensational headlines.

Therefore the minimum target is 500 ETH, a figure they seem likely to be able to raise.

They are however still unclear about the number of tokens they intend to float which is rather worrying for investors.

Clear Poll Clear Poll has already partly designed the mobile app and at the moment users are able to access limited options on the platform to navigate and vote.

This means that once votes are cast no one can alter the results not even the staff members behind the project.

Around 70% of these tokens will be sold to crowdfunding investors while 10% will be reserved for future use as rewards and issuance to the developer team and advisors.

At the end of every poll, 100 tokens will be destroyed.

Additionally, there is no market cap on the ICO, another worrying aspect for investors.

Team The Clear Poll Director and Lead Developer is Robert Culley.

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