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Everyone was so looking forward to it, still ask about it. Grey: …I am most anxiously awaiting Sleeping With Monsters by Amelia Hutchins and I know it’s coming… I’m in the process of blocking out the rest of my calendar right now! Suddenly all pre-orders were cancelled, the book disappeared and no word from the author on a new release date or anything about the book at all. I’ve been waiting for raw rebirth by Belle Aurora since I don’t even remember. he moves his family to Alaska live off the grid because he has PTSD as a new start, and he begins to unravel… ), Diesel: Satan’s Fury MC (she has an accident and ends up at this MC while they care for her), Bad Wolf (her neighbor is a bad guy, but she can’t resist him…), Sawyer Bennett’s latest (Reed - her new neighbor is a famous hockey star!! so yeah, *shrug** Cheryl: I agree- I WANT ROBIN”S BOOK!!! (aka “Robin”) : Within the first 2 hours of waking this morning, I was hit with the hubs/friends wanting to talk about scheduling: SXSW, Memorial Day weekend, RT in Reno, 2 different friend visits, 3 concerts, and the mermaid retreat. Claire: I’m impatiently waiting for With This Man (A This Man Novel Book 4) by Jodi Ellen malpas I know it’s out in March but I seriously can’t wait. She’s got a lot on her plate so she’s not promising it sooner than she can. It’s almost like I’m waiting for godot Amanda: A Court of Frost and Starlight (A Court of Thorns and Roses)! Darrin is a very, very bad boy Robyn: Ok, let’s see…. It’s a shorter list today, but still has lots of tempting books… oh boy, and now she and her mom are pretty much alone out there. The hero has a house of guys & runs a exclusive solo porn type website.

I loved Torn and Tied and hope one is coming out soon!! All this Holy Trinity talk has me all hot & bothered, and prickly. It’s hard to convey just now good the books in this series have been. Although I would have liked an epilogue it was a wonderful read. It was SO out of the norm for me, and it was not at all what I expected. They have a New section I discovered last night called “Touchdown” with over 30 Foosball themed audiobooks – that’s were I’ve been all last night and this morning Almost done my second one called “Most Valuable Playboy” by Lauren Blakely oh course teehee It’s read by Zachary Webber who voice is the sex baby Jenny’s going to Barcelona (*gasp*!!! ), and she wants to re-read this one, but she can’t remember the title. I’m getting ready to travel to Barcelona this summer. It was about a girl who goes to Barcelona for University. Her and another girl are housed by a women with a mean dog. I loved the characters in the book – my favoirite was Dean Martin. Lol Amy: …It might just be the (dark) comic relief you need Kooloo: Also if you are Amazon Prime members the Audible Romance Package is still only .95 or you can try it for FREE for 30 days.But, books I really really want: I miss Karina Halle’s paranormal! I was so inspired I watched pairs figure skating on YT last night while I was getting ready for bed. I won’t read any of her contemporary because they make me sad, not because I’ve read them, but out of mourning.

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Tessa: I’m almost done with Her First Kiss by MJ Fields. Also, I REALLY want to read the earlier books about the parents and probably stepbrother.

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