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© 1995 Vincent Bridges In the theology of the priests of Heliopolis, we catch a glimpse of mankind’s earliest spiritual understanding of the nature of light.

Those clever theologians managed to describe its relativistic quality ­­ nothing with any matter at all can go faster than light ­­ in terms of a mythological unity of great depth and philosophical complexity, the “operative and creative power” imagined by the Egyptians as the great god RA.

In fact, he was asked to be RA’s regent, his viceroy among the monkeys, as it were.

The name, Ausar is spelled with the eye of RA above a throne, and the god figure as a determinative.

Wherever they learned or discovered the information, the priests of Annu were the first humans to code these physical constants, clues to the structure of the universe, into a mythical theology that is descriptive of the actual nature of both physical and psychological reality.

If we think of RA as the personification of all that we now call the nature of light, then his role as the original creative principle suddenly comes into sharp focus.

Without the activity of photon binding and threshold kindling, our physical reality would not exist.

Think of the square root of the as a form generator, regular polygons arising one after the other in the succession of vesica constructions unfolding from the self division of unity.

This form-creating flow, the glyphs suggest,is the gift of the local energy source, the sun.

This powerful archetypal image was crafted by the rehket-sa, or “assembly of sages,” of Heliopolis, with the help of a group of beings known as the Henmemet, or “The Shining Ones.” From earliest times, (the spelling of the name of the city itself, Annu ­­ a finned spear-head, a jar and the symbol for city ­­ suggests the place where the space-ships land their cargo).

Heliopolis seems to have been a very cosmopolitan place, one where several races and a few interplanetary species mingled freely.

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