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After days of silence regarding Ibrahimovic's claims, Ljungberg, who now plays for Shimizu S-Pulse in Japan, has responded by attacking his former teammate for “sinking so low” as to use “bitchy comments” about Ljungberg and others to sell his book.

“Personally, if I have a problem with people I take it face to face. He wrote a book instead,” Ljungberg told Expressen.

"After I recovered, I was given a chance in the typical Wenger way: I was expected to run and intercept and score just the same as before.

He just didn't give me enough time to do it properly." Ljungberg's failure to perform to expectations persuaded Wenger to put him on transfer list immediately, despite saying publicly: "Ljungberg still has a lot to offer Arsenal." "I was offended when all of a sudden I leant from the papers Wenger was ready to consider offers for me from other clubs," Ljungberg said.

So while I was being treated for the injury, they went out and found a different player for my position. Freddie is a soccer player in sweden and he plays for the team arsenel..he is doing those hot calvin klein adds..are some pics: I was wondering if you guys can help me. images not working would love to help but the all the jeans look the same to me unless you have close up photographs on it. it's always interesting to see a guy celebrity in this forum to check out his style. Below are pics of Freddie Ljungberg, can you tell me anything you know about the clothes he is wearing, the t-shirts, jeans, jackets, shoes, everything please. But after winning just one of his opening four matches in the new campaign, Jonker and all technical staff have been dismissed by the Wolfsburg hierarchy as they look to avoid another bottom-three battle.Managing director Wolfgang Hotze said: “The decision is anything but easy for us.

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The following season, Ibrahimovic left the Spanish championship club and returned to Italy to play for AC Milan.

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