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Eckhardt and his ancestors were Lutherans, not Mennonites. Further, the oldest roots of crokinole from the 1860s suggest the British and South Asian games are the most likely antecedents of what became crokinole.No known Mennonite or Amish connection seems to exist within the crokinole pedigree.) Does it matter if the outer frame of my crokinole board is square, octagonal or round ? The World Crokinole Championship recognizes the use of round crokinole boards in their annual tournaments.Similar to the 'science' of the game-as discussed above-a round side rail or rim has a definite advantage.

International standard disc size has been set at 32mm diameter x 10mm thick .5 mm Can I enjoy the game on a crokinole board that has smaller (non-international) dimensions ? Since the mid-1890s, crokinole boards have been manufactured in many sizes.

How Did the World Crokinole Championship (WCC)™ get started? Are special lubricants, waxes, or powder substances that are applied over the surface of a board, necessary in order to achieve the best "speed" in competition crokinole?

In addition, Burmese or East Indian carrom (developed during the 1820s) seems a logical ancestor of crokinole due alone to the very similar shooting or fillip technique involved.

Mr Crokinole™ Game Products Crokinole & Carrom Boards Manufacturer's 'Seconds' & Clearance Items DVD - The Crokinole Movie The Crokinole Book Discs & Rings Replacement Posts Books & Information Crokinole Accessories Antique & Vintage Boards The Gallery (Historic Crokinole & Carom boards) How To Order Privacy Policy What is the history and background of the game of crokinole? The earliest known crokinole board (with legitimate, dated provenance) was made in 1876 (not 1875 as previously reported) in Perth County, Ontario, Canada.

Was crokinole originally a Mennonite or Amish game? Several other home-made boards of southwestern Ontario origin, and dating from the 1870s, have been discovered within the past 10 years, suggesting confirmation of this locale as the probable 'cradle' of crokinole's birth.

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