Regex for validating emails

For our purposes, though, we’ll be allowing only regular expression pattern matches on the text in the list rows. Reg Exp Dim i Key As Integer Dim s Key As String Dim s Test As String Dim b Result As Boolean ' Assume true to begin with b Result = True For i Key = LBound(mdic Values. The next goal is to include regular expressions equivalents for Excel’s built-in advanced filter and find/replace functions.

While in theory it would be possible to mimic all the built-in advanced filter functionality and add regular expression tests into the mix, I’m not attempting to extend the advanced filter at this point – instead I’m creating an alternative to it. Item(v Key) Next v Key End Sub '******************************************************************** ' Class private methods '******************************************************************** Private Sub Class_Initialize() Set mdic Values = New Scripting. So far I’ve concentrated on just the filter part, which I hope to have finished fairly soon.

For the built-in advanced filter, Excel constructs these criteria by parsing the text in the criteria range – a large range of tests are available, including the use of relational operators, wildcard and exact text matches. Pattern, s Test ' if any test fails, return false If Not obj Regex.

As these are going to be used by a script to send emails, we wish to minimise the number of undeliverable responses due to invalid addresses.

Probably the more useful of the two is the SCAN function. It was also pointed out more recently that using Is Missing to test for the presence of an optional parameter and provide a default, like so: will not work, as Is Missing works on Variants only, rather than primitive data types.

You give SCAN a text string, an integer n and optionally some delimiters, and SCAN will give you back the nth ‘word’ in a string, where the ‘words’ are delimited either by the characters you supplied or by default delimiter characters. Match Collection Dim charlist As String Dim char As String Dim i As Integer ' Build pattern If dlm = "" Then ' Just looking for A-Za-z0-9_ charlist = "\w " Else ' Negate character class specified charlist = "[^" For i = 1 To Len(dlm) char = Mid$(dlm, i, 1) If In Str("[\^-", char) Then char = "\" & char ' escape charlist = charlist & char Next i charlist = charlist & "] " End If ' Initialise Regexp object, get match collection Set obj Regex = New VBScript_Reg Exp_55. Actually it’s a better idea to specify default parameters anyway, then there’s no need for this logic. Thanks to Colin and mifrey for pointing out the above issues.

For instance, Public Function RXSCAN(By Val stringval As String, By Val n As Integer, _ Optional By Val dlm As String = "") As Variant ' RXSCAN - Returns the nth word from stringval, where ' words are delimited by any non-word character by default, ' or a specific character set by optional string dlm. I’ve replaced the add-in on fileden, and if you like the code changes can be inspected at the Regex functions page.

After building the form in Part 1, the next stage of coding the regex filter involves implementing the logic for deciding which rows of the list to be filtered will pass through the filter.

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