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The Internet may offer interesting alternatives for reaching and helping people with depression.

We conducted a 3-arm randomized controlled trial to compare CBT, PST, and WL.

Those in the Video Chat Group will receive a computer for the duration of the study, which they will use to video chat with study staff for 30 minutes/day 4x/week for 6 months, and then they will video chat 2x/week for another 6 months.

Those assigned to the Control Group will have brief telephone check-ins with study staff once per week.

All participants at both sites will contribute saliva for genetic testing, and all video chat sessions will be recorded for speech and language analysis.

Participants engage in 30-minute face-to-face communications with study staff through internet/webcam 4 times per week for 24 weeks (6 months), followed by sustaining dose of 2 times per week of 30 minutes session for additional 24 weeks (6 months).

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