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A few lacklustre tunes are thrown in but there's little wonder why this roots-rich trio fared so well in Memphis at last year's international Blues Challenge, plus a 2010 Blues Music Award for best new artist.has a 1950's rock'n'roll feel, which lets some steam out of the running order, redeemed by Diteodoro's own mid-tempo, slide and B3-infected All About You--a highlight of a different colour.Produced by Swedish blues guitar player Staffan Astner, Afternoon in Paris promises the right mix of groovy blues and soulful jazz (with a touch of Swedish folk melody) and shows Yana Bibbs musical range, influence and depth. Whilst wrote Blues fans would be wise not to overlook. On my first listen (and my opinion has never changed on repeated listens), this is the Duke Robillard I experienced in 1984 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, at B. The recording techniques draw from old-school, sparse mike placement and modern recording equipment that will give you an idea how the masters might sound today. Take that and how damn much younger Duke sounds vocally.So strong that I think Michael John discovered a long lost bottle of water from Juan Ponce De Leon's fountain!!Without question, this new record is different from the last--as was their intent.Added elements of soul--a challenge easily met by Marriner's vocals, join bits of funk and Diteodoro's scorching, blues-rock leads. They're more interested in getting people to thier feet and moving than they are following a setlist or a gameplan for success, as evidenced from coast to coast at festival after festival.

Most are not songs that have become hits as covers over the years, but ones that deserve re-discovery, like the opening track, Guitar Slim's "Quicksand," which immediately gives you the idea of what promises.

This was a big hit before I was born unlike Jimmy Mc Cracklin's "It's Alright," that found me at five years old.

My favorite (that I really identify with) is another Sugar Boy Crawford tune, "What's Wrong." Simply put, Duke is a master at every style of guitar and on this one shows his early rough side with youthful abandonment. **** Second album further blurs the lines of pigeonholing their sound.

Sugar Boy Crawford's "Overboard," sung by drummer Mark Teixeira, makes an old chair dancer's foot tired of tappin'.

Next up is Pee Wee Crayton's "Blues After Hours" to help you calm down.

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Last time out with the old-world, mandolin extravaganza to deliver a (largely) instrumental set of guitar-based tunes to evoke a smarmy, 60s lounge-vibe with Duane Eddy accompaniment.

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