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They are demanding that she turn over the domain name barbiebenson.com, claiming that it infringes on in the Barbie Trademark. Wired News reports she has hired legal counsel in both Canada and the United States. Girls who can “squirt” often sell live performances of their talents at private bachelor parties.

Here lawyers are confident, given that the content of Benson’s site contains no references to Mattel’s doll, and her graphics and logos bear no resemblance to Mattel’s Barbie Doll site. But nothing I have ever seen or heard of compares to the story I recently read by Masuo Kamiyama in .

All involved use of the highly developed muscles in her reproductive apparatus.

While not necessarily in the following order, she makes use of her vaginal sphincter to toot notes from a toy trumpet; click a toy clacker; twist the screw-off cap from a bottle of Oronamin C vitamin tonic; snap a wooden pencil in half; bend a metal spoon; inhale smoke from a cigarette and blow rings; and make like a blowgun, shooting darts to pop toy balloons.

“So I was born and raised in the red-light district, but since there were other kids in the same situation I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

It was just the way things were.” She was bright, Shincho 45 reports, and wanted to attend university, but times were hard and such was not to be.

In the interview Yoko told Kamiyama, “From the time I was a little girl, I thought about doing something that would make people notice me, and enable me to tour the country,” says the woman, who is identified throughout only by her professional moniker “Honoo no Yoko” (Flaming Yoko). As the classic strip club techno began, Yoko would gracefully peel off her clothing and proceed to a series of eight routines.

After a few seconds, I started first with her sweet, soft hands.

In Newark, New Jersy, a young doctor in New Jersey has pleaded guilty to stealing a hand from a cadaver when he was a medical student and giving it to a stripper.

Yoko was raised in Kochi in Shikoku, where her father ran a brothel.

He was married three times, fathering six children, total. “My mother ran a small bar, and dad owned the brothel but didn’t do any work, except pimping for my mother sometimes,” she recalls to Kamiyama.

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Her search for a high-paying job led her to burlesque.

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