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It’s like holding all or a lot of the cards and being privy to knowledge that the other parties things in order to keep you in their back pocket for rainy day entertainment and to pass time with.They’re not honest and upfront because they know that if they were, you would (hopefully – you’d be surprised how many take this as challenge) tell them to take a run and jump.Sure, how does someone who has told a whole load of lies and deceived even know that they’re telling the truth?You believed them when they were lying; now you’re supposed to believe them when they say it’s the truth.

” is one of the most common questions I get in the thousands of emails men have written into me over the years.Those who lie and deceive can end up lonely with only their illusions to keep them warm at night, especially when the faithful harem of supporters dry up.When someone habitually lies and cheats, they’ve all got ‘logical’ reasoning just like we might try to come up with reasons and excuses for why they’ve lied and deceived, often blaming ourselves in the process. They’re ‘protecting you for your own good’ or ‘not wanting to hurt you’ with the truth.When it turns out that the deal is not the deal (our cut is not what we thought it was) or that they pretended that the deal was on and are claiming it’s off or delayed, but not because they’re liars and cheaters, but because, get this, Over the years of writing Baggage Reclaim, I’ve come across an astounding number of people who have known that they’re involved/dealing with someone who has a casual relationship with honesty – they don’t want to get all serious and be honest all of the time…. Because they all believed that their love and faith in them will cause this person to make them the exception.In some ways you can Look, I know that you’re not telling the truth to this person and that person or in certain situations but because I’m with you anyway and I’m choosing to see the best in you because I love you and am extending my care, trust, and respect to you, I expect that you won’t need to lie to me.

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If you want to live your life authentically, be careful of feeding other people’s BS with your own BS and stick to your own values.

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