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Although her photographic vision was much hailed, Annelies Strba was widely criticized when she exhibited the above photo of her daughter naked in the bath.

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Thirty years younger than the PM and a hippie free spirit, Maggie Trudeau was unhappy about her husband’s constant work-related absences and was forced to raise her three young sons largely by herself.

Bipolar and depressed, Margaret smuggled drugs in the prime minister’s luggage and tore apart a tapestry in the prime minister’s official residence in Ottawa, but the public learnt about this dramatic fashion, when Maggie is spotted at a Rolling Stones concert at Toronto’s El Mocambo club. Even before she finally separated from her allegedly gay husband in 1977, she frequented Studio 54 nightclub in New York City and the photos like the one above were featured on many front pages.

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Public outcry ensued in Britain and Scotland Yard threatened to charge the gallery’s director with the Obscene Publications Act.

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