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And after it will call the Row Updating event of the Child Grid. This tutorial series builds on the Contoso University web application that is created by the Getting Started with the Entity Framework 4.0 tutorial series.In this tutorial you will create separate classes for business logic and for data-access logic.The class that encapsulates data-access logic is called a . jinal, sorry, I just noticed I didn't reference the grid View, which explains why it doesn't like the Rows comment.

But this functionality is some what different in Grid View Control. I mean to say that in Grid View Control if you have added one template column having Grid View inside it and now if you select "Column Sorting" command then it will not call any event of Master grid.The sample application is a website for a fictional Contoso University.It includes functionality such as student admission, course creation, and instructor assignments. The downloadable sample contains code in both C# and Visual Basic. NET MVC framework, see Getting Started with the Entity Framework using ASP. application structure that's more maintainable. To implement this architecture, you separate the presentation layer from the business logic layer (BLL) and the data access layer (DAL). Naming Container as Grid View Row; now use this row.This article is very useful to all the users who are working with ASP. Here I am explaining how to work with Grid View control in ASP.

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