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Lesbotronic is a rather old lesbian dating website that was founded in 1999.

It is a free dating website (explaining its outdated web design) that doesn’t offer anything for lesbian dating at all!

Its large membership base gives you plenty of dating options and the array of features offered help make your relationship or friendship goals finally happen!

So, are you looking for a safe, secure and fun place to communicate with other lesbian and bisexual women...

With a membership base made up exclusively of women, the attractive site offers you a lot more than just a place to meet lesbian singles.

The overall page layout of the dating site should also give you some clues.

If the website loads very slow, uses shutterstock photos and has a very rudimentary layout, then maybe the website isn’t worth the time and money.

The site is free and attracts a lot of good looking twenty-something’s.

Not to mention, the dating website is entirely operated, created, and owned by homosexual.

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