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“Glee” has a tendency to oscillate between sappy and nasty, sometimes without any warning. The show’s success can often be charted by how enjoyably it navigates the balance –- sometimes it feels like a PSA, and other times like a look into someone’s S&M musical fantasy.The opener of the third season did a better job of dealing with these two urges -– the first to reassure lonely 13 year olds that they’ll make it, the second to remind adults that life is strange and often evil -– better than almost any episode of the second season did. Jacob Ben Israel is making another documentary, this time about what everyone's plans are for after graduation.Kurt and Blaine fought bitterly and then split, but rather than sing about it, they both went to therapy.

There are plenty of over-the-top moments — was it completely necessary for Rachel to sing "Let It Go" while Sue froze in an igloo or for the New Directions to perform a partially animated version of "Take On Me" in the style of the video?

Their efforts include "Problem," an Unholy Trinity performance backed by Cheerios and a marching band.

Since Naya Rivera has already wrapped, I'm worried that this is the last time we'll see these girls perform together, and I'm absolutely not ready for that.

Meanwhile, Sue Sylvester continues to try to destroy the Glee club.

This year, she’s running for office as an elected official.

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Also, he's taken over Vocal Adrenaline, and his first order of business was apparently to saddle them with poor choreography and mope because none of them wanted to talk about their feelings.

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