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Let’s say there is a person who has a huge scar on her face.

It hurt so much and she hates when people look down on her. Now you know how much I had to suffer.” Then the victim shouts, “It hurts! ” She says, “I know but what were you doing when we got hurt? In order to achieve our goal, I want you to endure it.”Serial killer Yoo Young-cheol who killed women with an excuse that he wanted to give a warning to misbehaving women after satisfying his sexual greed. They laugh at pictures of severed male genitals and say male babies should be ground to death as soon as they are born.

They just hate that foreigners used Korean women who should’ve been raped only by Korean men.

When police chief Kim Gang-ja rescued 14-year-old girls from a brothel in Miari, Korean man bugs complained that a cheap brothel disappeared.

Misandry, misogyny, sexual harassment, pornography, copyright infringement, smuggling, selling drugs, etc.

Check the entry for Ilbe on Namu Wiki which you call a dick-sucking site. So many incidents caused by them have been archived. Soranet has survived only because they kept changing their URL and have servers outside Korea. “No, in Korea, women are discriminated against much more! However, you seem to think your own ideology gives you an absolute right to stand above the constitution that protects anyone from violence and coercion.

It is true that unreasonable statements have become prevalent on male dominant websites such as Ilbe.

But what about female dominant or female exclusive communities?

I am not saying we should talk about who is more disadvantaged. In 2015, 75% of female students and 68% of male students advanced to university education.

The highest leadership position in the country is taken by a female.

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Attention to female idols’ chests is sexist but male idols’ shirt-ripping is just an acceptable sexy act?

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