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Anita Holdcroft, emeritus professor of anaesthesia at Imperial College, said although some of the discrepancy can be accounted for, up to 5 per cent is unexplained.

Medicine is the science and practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

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They cited under-achievement of boys at school as one reason for the sea change.

However, many men turn away from medicine as they find that careers in the City, finance and IT offer more income and status.

While stitching technique for sutures is an art learned through practice, the knowledge of what happens at the cellular and molecular level in the tissues being stitched arises through science.

There is no better example of the powerful learning environment than in CBU’s School of Sciences.

We offer undergraduate science and math degrees We also have a degree in Natural Science that can be used as a "design your own degree," and a wide selection of courses that can prepare you for many areas that are multidisciplinary in nature.

Medicine has existed for thousands of years, during most of which it was an art (an area of skill and knowledge) frequently having connections to the religious and philosophical beliefs of local culture.

For example, a medicine man would apply herbs and say prayers for healing, or an ancient philosopher and physician would apply bloodletting according to the theories of humorism.

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