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To succeed in Massage Therapy and Wellness, students will need to demonstrate strong problem-solving skills to evaluate symptoms and determine the best course of therapy.

Interpersonal skills, empathy and curiosity about holistic health are also essential for success in the field.

Completion of EMC 425 is not the only way to fulfill the CPR requirement.

Training can be taken at a local agency with a CPR card issued upon successful completion. Online training is not an accepted method for CPR training.

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The College’s Wellness programs provide the instruction needed to succeed in the field of holistic health.

Through a depth of education and practical hands-on training, you’ll learn to provide therapies that improve quality of life and help people achieve balance and harmony in their lives.

The Wellness field focuses on holistic health, addressing the interconnected systems of the human body through a variety of massage techniques and natural healing arts.

Massage Therapists and Wellness Practitioners use a depth of education and various perspectives of knowledge to empower people to improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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Completion of the program qualifies students for the California Massage Therapy Council certification which provides the opportunity for employment throughout the state.

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