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Here’s what else the next frontier of wearables could do.

We already have contact lenses that contain more than one prescription, enabling the wearer to adjust her focus depending on the distance from the object she is viewing—similar to bifocal or progressive-lens glasses.

True to its mission, Platform Dental is launching its implant product line with the PALTOP system.

Less invasive than a microchip in the brain and less bulky than an actual computer, smart contact lenses could literally change how we see the world—and how it sees us.

It’s not just an abstraction: Several medical companies are filing patents for lenses that could do everything from release allergy-relief medication to monitor a wearer’s biometric data.

There are also contact lenses that can correct for color blindness, customized for the specific level and type the wearer suffers from.

Though groundbreaking, these innovations are still analog; digital additions to contacts might make those existing advances obsolete.

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The University of Wisconsin is working on a lens that uses light sensors and tiny power sources to autofocus, much like a camera would, on whatever the wearer is looking at.

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