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I have met girls who've only got one pic, I've met girls who've had none... In the same way that some people can choose to put up just one picture, or none at all, so even other people can choose to just ignore/avoid them One thing that REALLY annoys me about profile pictures, that's when a person has "Private Images" and states in their profile that they "may show you if I like you"........what's THAT all about???

To my way of thinking they are a) horrendously ugly and it's the only way they can get anyone to send them a message, orb) they have naked/sexy pics, and don't want neighbours or workmates to see them If you have a pic, then show it for all to see.

One such, Ero Me, describes itself as “the best place to share your erotic pics and porn videos”.

A company representative told El Reg it didn’t see anything wrong with deepfakes and thinks of them as "parody".

It never occurred to me that they thought I was hiding anything.

The site hosted a subreddit r/deepfakes, created by a member called Deepfakeapp, who created a desktop app to make it easier for people without much machine learning knowledge to create their own x-rated fantasy [email protected] 12I don't need them to have loads of pics for them to prove they're real, as a gallery of pictures proves they've just got a load of pictures.I'm a pretty visual person and whether some birds like it or not, I would prefer to have a better idea of what they look like than one picture would provide.In regards to flagging nonconsensual content, either the person who deems the content nonconsensual or their legal representative can use the form to request removal of content and cite that they themselves did not contest for it to be uploaded.” That response is, however, a part of the problem because relying on someone to flag such videos does not deter people from making more of them and uploading them to the internet.And there are sites ready and willing to host deepfakes.

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Fake AI-generated pornography has been banned by sites including Reddit and Pornhub, but others operations say they're fine with the practice of putting celebrities' faces on porn actresses' bodies.

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