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US passports have been "upgraded" with new technology so unless it is a mistake on the part of the embassy, it would have to be replaced regardless of the circumstance.If there are any worries about process time then please urge him to pay the extra for expediated processing. I wanted to know if he could just change only the photo in his passport without changing the passport as a whole here, in India,at Bangalore... He should contact the nearest Indian consulate or embassy in USA.The photo in my passport is not properly aligned in the space provided for the photo."Passport Canada recognizes that the denial of passport services is a significant sanction and therefore exercises its authority to refuse issuance of a passport only where there is sufficient reliable information available to justify the action," states the federal government website.

We found out about this when we brought our 4th kiddo to make his new passport and was told about this passport photo replacement for 2 years down the road. We totally were not prepared at all for this, so back at home I checked back our older 3 kiddos' passports and sure enough, our girls face changed already! And soooooo, we had to go to the Immigration Department again few days later (busy busy busy!!!

I get some grief for it every time I have to pass any immigration.

A damaged photo would be an absolute no-no for any international travel. and well.both of you say that its better off if he first rectifies the error in his photo and then come to India?

Which is why I decided to blog this down so that I can remember what to do next time with our 4th kiddo hahahah...** Note: I have disabled the commenting feature on my blog engine thanks to all the spammers who happily spam my blog every day.

My cousin is staying in the US and the photo in his passport has been damaged...he's coming to India sometime this month.. He will not pass immigration check in India(even if he somehow manages to board the flight).

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