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He basically says black men date white women because they are easier to sleep with and easier to control.He says black men are afraid of a black women’s strength and fear that she will become more successful than them.For so long independence was something black women had no choice but to accept.So while our strength can be a good thing and come in handy and has came in handy, it can also be a curse and get in the way.He goes on to say he loves a strong, nurturing, and spiritual woman which is why he dates and loves black women and couldn’t see himself with any other race of women.

If you date white women only because they are easier to control, suck dick more often, and don’t complain as much, that’s what I have a problem with.

There are a lot of terrible black men out there for a number of reasons, but the “good ones” want to go be with a white one? All the white men in the world and you want to take the few good ones left for superficial reasons and he only wants you for superficial reasons (obviously I’m not talking about all white women and black men).

It’s like black men don’t even want to have that conversation about how wrong they are and they don’t understand our anger and pain and don’t want to understand it.

As he said they were either too fat, too loud, too mean, too argumentative, too needy, too materialistic or carrying too much excess baggage.” She goes on to say whenever her and her husband go out she gets rude looks by black women and she doesn’t understand why.

She says black men are constantly approaching her, wanting to wine and dine her and if black women were so mad about this, then they should make some changes about themselves and blah blah blah the same white women bullshit that we always hear.

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