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Magistrate Michael Dowd said it was appropriate to get a pre-sentence report on Caldwell following the indication from Sgt Hanzic. Caldwell was seen by a police officer at am on May 5 in the car park of St Patrick Primary school in Smollett St.

He was looking around the car park and school grounds area for about five minutes while young children arrived for both school and pre-school activites.

Mr Murray was told it was sought for Msgr Fulton to make arrangements for it to happen away from the school area.

Caldwell and Msgr Fulton have phone contact with each other.

Last year, he was warned by the same police officer about loitering around an after-achool hours program held at St Patricks.

Caldwell was taken to the police station after his arrest and a pocket knife with two 6cm blades was found.

Campbell, 47, was convicted of the persistent sexual abuse of three brothers between 19, and the abuse of two teenaged sisters who stayed with him on a family holiday in Adelaide in the early 1990s.

Magistrate Tony Murray was told in the circumstances of complaint that Caldwell, 66, was convicted in Albury Court in 2003 on a charge of indecent assault on a victim aged under 10 and received a 10-month jail term.

"They left the most precious things in their lives, their children, in your care and you abused their trust in the worst possible way," one said.

"I am not a religious person but I really do pray that Hell exists because that is where monsters like you belong." The woman said she still carried a "burden of worthlessness and shame" because of the abuse.

Acting police prosecutor Sgt Len Kerr told the hearing when opposing bail that Caldwell faced a maximum term of two years jail on the charge of loitering near the school Caldwell was accompained by Msgr Fulton for yeserdays court appearance - AAP Victims were two 7 yr old boys, videotaped and sexually assaulted by Cambridge. Police found over 3600 images of children including babies on Cambridges' computer.

Glen Campbell - Paedophile..convicted in April 2013, of 9 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, procuring an act of gross indecency and 3 counts of persistent sexual exploitation of a child, for the persistent sexual abuse of three brothers between 19, and the abuse of two teenaged sisters who stayed with him on a family holiday in Adelaide in the early 1990s..

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Police are aware of other Catholic churches in the Albury area close to Caldwells residence which are not attached to schools.

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