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“Consumer associations and women's rights associations can file a report and demand the withdrawal of the product or image,” he explains.

In the Arrecife Carnival in Lanzarote, the poster of a nine-year-old candidate for a child beauty pageant wearing makeup and baring a shoulder has come up for fierce criticism from the local feminist organization, Tiemar.When it comes to costumes for Carnival or Halloween, there are two kinds: outfits such as doctors and pirates and vampires for men, and the “sexy versions” for women.Here is an example of what comes up in Google Images when we search for the same costumer according to gender: But provocative party costumes are not confined to the adult market.The image of a sexy nurse outfit for girls aged four to six went viral on social networks at the start of February, after being posted on the Twitter feed of culture blog Hematocrítico and on the Cultura Re-Evolucionaria Facebook page.The photo of the costume was taken last year by Carolina Rodríguez.

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