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I interviewed tech-entrepreneur Tatenda Furusa yesterday. Having just returned from the United States and established his own venture, Mealie Media, here in Zimbabwe, I asked him what advice he’d give Zimbabweans who are looking to come back and do the same: First research and homework.Do your online research, read news articles as much as you can, check Kubatana or whatever journals of whichever sector you’re in.In the report findings it is stated that the 100% academic orientation was not beneficial to the nation and part of the key recommendations was to balance our education curriculum between academic and vocational orientation.Unfortunately these recommendations have not been implemented up to now, so government is trying to promote entrepreneurship through the introduction of vocational education in the new curriculum.The Minister said he will be presenting a five year plan to Cabinet and he hopes by the year 2015 the Ministry will have implemented a comprehensive change of curriculum for both primary and secondary schools.Responding to a question on the introduction of the early childhood development progamme in schools the Minister said the theoretical policy behind pre-school education is to cater for children who come from poor backgrounds.

The process will be finished by the end of the year.By that point you’ll know if the pros outweigh the cons.It’s a place where you’ll definitely need a pool of funds, anything starting from I think, 00 upwards.The global trends in the use of ICTs in education have left gaps in our education system and calls for the review of the education curriculum is currently underway.Speaking at a no holds barred function hosted by Def Zee at the US Embassy Public Affairs Section members of the public had an opportunity to direct questions to the Minister of Education Arts, Sport and Culture, Senator David Coltart.

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Artists should also be trained in how to market themselves.

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