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Earlier that day I had met up with a group of queer expat women I found through Facebook, and after a barbeque and karaoke we made our way to Labrys, which is to say that we walked into an unmarked building that also housed a clothing store, squeezed eight people into an elevator meant for four that was vibrating with the bass blasting from the top floor, and were transported to Homo Heaven. The tiny dance floor at the back of the room was so crowded you couldn’t help but get all up in each other’s business.

My co-worker and self-appointed , or “older sister,” got so excited when I came out to her that she spent an entire evening teaching me Korean phrases to use at the club, such as “Do you live with your parents?

One girl said “My friends say I’m butch, so I have to be butch.” She practically sighed with relief when I told her she didn’t have to carry my bag.

There are some upsides to this whole subculture thing.

Despite being uncomfortable coming out to her family or coworkers, Eun Ji had no problem with holding my hand or kissing in public.

Gayness is in the air, it’s just largely unacknowledged and unspoken.

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