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I’ve got an example here of an athlete actually sitting right here in the crowd. Now if I’m gonna set up a racing model for him, the first 400 meters should be run at 93 percent of his date pace, 400 meters, so our goal for him is to get through that first lap in 57.3 seconds. The second lap, again, revealing what the 53.2 date pace, 400 – 89 percent is your goal on the second lap, so when you divide by .89, he is right under 60 seconds, 59.8. His second lap on all three was about the same, and as he brought the 800 meter record down, it all came out of the first lap, so he was riding his first lap harder. If you look at the Olympic Games, in the last four Olympic Games we’ve got data on, in the 800, the 1,500, the 5,000, and the 10,000, every one of those races over the last four Olympics on the men’s side, the last 400 meters was run in the high 52 point range.He can certainly run faster than that, but the 800 meters isn’t about running one 400. That’s the critical zone in the race, is the last part of it and no matter what the race, the Olympic games, which is usually a tactical race, they’re able to close in high 52 seconds. I’d like to thank my technical crew here, Marcus and Matty. This is the human performance lab that I have and my physiology classroom here in Stillwater, Minnesota, and I’d like to talk to you today about how to run the 800 meter and a little bit about developing a race plan.It’s 90 calories, of which 45 calories will be processed in the mitochondria, thus in the aerobic system, and 45 calories will be processed anaerobically. We’ve got middle distance runners, and we have distance runners that may move down.That is, outside of the mitochondria, so that’s the physiological features of it. You need to be able to address all three, and when I get into a general racing model, I’m not going to discern between those three, but as you train those three, you need to realize what type of athlete you’re training. Like historically some of our more famous ones have been Sebastian Coe and Wilson Kipketer who were probably just as successful in the mile as they were in the 800 meters. They’ve got a very high allometric model of VO2max to running economy and then you’ve got a long distance runner that’s moving down, the Peter Snell type, the Steve Ovett type who is very comfortable running more than 60 miles a week, spends a lot of time on the endurance component, has very high VO2max, that sort of runner.

Now, how might you set that up practically with your athlete? His date pace here – and that’s what DP stands for, is date pace – in the 800 meters currently is 157.1. Now interestingly, and Wilson Kipketer, who followed Sebastian Coe and had the 800 meter record for so long before David Rudisha broke it, Kipketer actually set the world record three different times.In the 800 meters, it’s about awareness more than concentration. That’s why I don’t run some guys on my team in the 800 meter very often. They’re just not aware of what’s going on around them and thus just are tactically very poor 800 meter runners.I might stick them up in a longer race where maybe their concentration’s a little stronger or at least there’s more room to make up for errors that might occur.The real problem with the 800 is if there is a problem, there’s no time to make up for it.Let’s get going, and these first five steps are pretty hard and then you’re in your pace, and you should be completely sensory aware of sounds you hear, people’s steps, people’s breathing.

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