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The counter was antique, carved with strange shapes and flowers. A cat sat languidly in one corner gently waving its tail. The white walls were always hiding and could only be seen where they ran for the safety of the ragged, discoloured curtains and the dim shadows of the windows.

The Seniors unfortunately did not follow our Juniors' and Colts' example and finished last overall.

A tiny figure peered from behind the great oak counter but soon scurried away at the sound of a boiling kettle. Hard sweets were on the left, soft sweets on the right and all sorts in the middle.

I stepped in and the warm tinkle of the shop bell greeted me. Sugared glass jars glistened curiously in the half light.

Front Row: Dorothy Sinson, Jacquie Morris, Frances Franklin, Margaret Foster, Angela Alexander, Leonora Gallagher, Elaine Hessel, Back Row: S. The hockey competition was marked by the absence of the Seniors.

Back Row: Christine Daniels, Mandy Keating, Diedre Magill, Christine Smith, Caroline Fleming, Susan Barber. Despite beating the group winners Cunningham, our Juniors also had a frustrating season, but there is always next year.

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