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Whether your own boy has a big birthday coming up, he’s graduating school, or he’s just done something that warrants giving him a gift for, it’s probable that at some point during the year you’re going to have some gifts to buy for a boy.

Of course, that means it’s time to start thinking about shopping.

Price: 1.99 This year’s hottest new console is the Xbox One X, which touts itself as the most powerful console ever made.Also check out the coolest gaming PC cases on the market this year for more ideas.Price: 9.00 If you have a comic book-lover in your house, or someone who just likes to draw, chances are that they’ve thought about making their own comic book at one point or another. My Comic Book Kit, your child can write and illustrate their very own full-color, 18 page comic book and then have it professionally printed by the company that makes the kit.It isn’t a robot that’s just controlled like a drone or RC car, but instead, it explores and discovers, learning more as it’s played with.The Cozmo is going to be on many of the best toys for boys lists this year.

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